A seller’s market


It has been a busy fall at my office. The annual convention, many CE classes, meetings, and of course work with clients.  The buzz is heard over and over about the “seller’s market”.  So what is a seller’s market?  It can be simply described as when the housing inventory is low and the demand is high- thus, sellers have the advantage.  They may get full price offers, fewer request to remedies,  earnest money deposit, multiple offers and even on occasion a  bidding war.  When a house is listed, if it is priced right and in good condition, it may go pretty fast.  (Although, in our market, like many, some neighborhoods  may go faster than others).

So how can you take advantage of this seller’s market?  If you are thinking of selling your home, you may consider contacting a local real estate agent that can run a comparable market analysis to find out what your home may be worth.  There is no obligation to use an agent if you are just getting a CMA, and it is free!  Working with an agent that lives in your neighborhood can be a bonus as well, she/he may know the area well and provide good market comparisons.

Like the seasons, the fashion, and your age… the market will change, and probably sooner than you think. It always does!


Considering Selling in central Ohio area?  Let me run a Comparable Market Analysis for you!

Jenny Ryan Fusco


The Jeannine Ryan Smith Team, HER Realtors



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