Vacation rental

I have been recently investigating vacation rentals in Ohio as a possible source of income.   Upon further investigation, I am finding a variety of possibilities.  Do you intend on enjoying it and supplementing or off setting costs.  Loking for a weekend, week long or daily rentals with air b n b?  I have noticed increasing interest and use in air B and B particularly for families or properties close to entertainment venues.  However They may only command as low as 50$ a night, and require daily attention.  Weekend getaways to the hockimg hills, Lake Erie or Amish country are popular if it is located close to a tour site such as cedar point.  Marblehead and the Lake Erie islands are a popular week long destination but it is hard to find a quality place, thus there may be a niche here to fill.  I found a gorgeous Luxury resort on the shores of both Lake Erie and the Sandusky bay offering beach access, marina, pool, tiki bar and shopping onsite.  There are a few lots left to build, but this may be a great week long rental to offset costs as a second vacaction home.  The season is limited, thus reducing opportunity for a good return on investment.  However the potential income may offset costs as a second vacation home close to home.   When looking into a home check HOA fees and rules on renting.  This property does not allow less than weekly rental.

I also found a modern apartment in the short north of Columbus, a popular location for entertainment.  This would make a great air B and B, commanding over $100 a night potential.

Also, I found a bare bones cabin near the hockimg hills.  It is a much lower price point, rustic probably 3 season rental.  This property has a fishing pond and is close to a swimming beach.

If I was purchasing myself to enjoy and rent to supplement, I would go for the luxury rental on Marblehead.  But strictly income producing, maybe the cabin in the woods, or condo in Columbus.

For more info on any of these properties please contact me!


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